First concert in Krakow: March 9, 1944

Dr Hans Franck (governor-general of the occupied parts of Poland in Silesia and Galicia) wanted to set up a cultural establishment in Krakow from the status of Vienna or Berlin and was looking for suitable conductors:

Strauss declined but recommended Swarowsky (as did Krauss); since the Government General was not legally part of the German Reich and Franck had great liberties, Swarowsky's employment was possible. Later that year Julia Laszkys grandparents are deported to a concentration camp nearKrakow - Swarowsky knows about that and supports them as long as possible. This and also Dr Kranz's Polish family roots contributed strongly to Swarowskys decision to take on the position with the orchestra. It's thanks to Swarowsky's initiative that the orchestra was saved from destruction and was able to survive the war years.