Mahler 3 with Mahler's notes
In April 1920, Swarowsky hears Mahler’s third symphony for the first time (conducted by Furtwängler) and due to this impression decides to become a conductor – this symphony should take a special place throughout his entire life; for his 21st birthday, Julia Laszky acquires an Edition of Mahler’s 3rd symphony from Universal Edition as a birthday present; Swarowsky will conduct from this score throughout the rest of his life. This score (first edition) contains corrections Mahler made after performances conducted by himself.

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Dr Josef Kranz ca 1925
Leopoldine Swarowsky (1881 – 1970, daughter of a Viennese Police Inspector and actress at the Vienna Volkstheater) gives birth out of wedlock to Hans, and relocates, as customary at the time in such circumstances, for several months to Budapest. There is no definite clarity about the father: most likely it is Dr. Josef Kranz (1862 - 1934). Dr Josef Kranz, banker and industrialist stemming from a Polish rabbi family in Ausschwitz, becomes over the course of just a few years one of the richest men in the Austrian Monarchy (according to a bonmot of the day, the two most influential people in the Monarchy were Franz Josef and Kranz Josef)...
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Swarowsky & Schoenberg
This postcard was used as invitation to Schoenberg's 'private society' concerts:
Swarowsky had private lessons with Schoenberg since hearing Schoenberg in rehearsals of the Gurre - Lieder in 1920, subsequently Swarowsky also took part in Schoenberg's 'society' concerts, playing piano and harmonium.

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