Honorary President: Zubin Mehta

The Hans Swarowsky Akademie, president Manfred Huss, was founded with the aim to research and promote the legacy and teachings of Hans Swarowsky through a wide range of initiatives: publication, also in foreign languages, of a revised and extended edition of Swarowsky’s writings (Universal Edition: Wahrung der Gestalt, edited by Manfred Huss), CD editions, academic initiatives, and the promotion of exceptional talent. The Akademie has a comprehensive archive of  Swarowsky’s documents, such as annotated scores, typefaces, recordings and photographs which can be made available for research, and study purposes.

The Hans Swarowsky Akademie wishes to thank its supporters:

Daniel Barenboim
Christoph von Dohnányi
Placido Domingo
Alfred Eschwé
Fondazione Claudio Abbado
Wolfgang Gabriel
Wolfgang Heißler
Maris Jansons
Dimitri Kitajenko
Uroš Lajovic
Jesus Lopez Cobos
Zubin Mehta
Nuria Nono-Schönberg
Joanne Rogers
Peter Schneider
Stefan Soltesz
Daniela Swarowsky
Gloria Swarowsky - Saiko
University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna
Ralf Weikert
Bruno Weil

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